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So who are we?

Looking for Morkie puppies for sale in California? We are Michigan Puppy and we love finding homes for our Morkie puppies! They are raised in Michigan are but perfect for life in California. We’re a family and we’ve been raising puppies since 2004 and we love it. By we, I mean myself, my wife, and our four children and the puppies. My wife and I love it because it’s something we can do together. Our kids love it because they get to play with puppies every single day and the puppies love it because, well, puppies love to be played with!

~The Yoder Family

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Why are Morkies So great?

Morkie… that’s such a cool name for a dog breed! You get a Morkie by breeding a Maltese and a Yorkie. They usually come in at around 6-8 inches tall at the shoulder and generally weigh 4-8 pounds. They are happy little guys and love to play which makes them great family dogs. Morkie puppies are also loyal little guys and make great companions empty nesters! Given their size they are also a perfect fit for living in condos, apartments or homes with small yards. These puppies are well suited for life in the great state of California. From San Francisco, Sacramento, Los Angeles and San Diego; Morkies will do well and bring joy to their new families.

How do I adopt a Morkie puppy?

Here at Michigan Puppy we make adopting your new puppy hassle free! Just follow these four easy steps.

Step 1

Find the perfect puppy!
Browse through the puppies on our website or contact us if you don't see what you're looking for.
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Step 2

Reserve your puppy right here.
We have an easy reservation process. You can pay the adoption fees with a credit card.
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Step 3

We'll jump on a plane and bring you your puppy!
We'll fly WITH your new puppy to the airport closest to you. You come meet us at the airport and take your new puppy home with you.
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Step 4

Bond with your new puppy.
We're here to help! If you have any health related questions or tips on getting your new puppy used to his new home just let us know!
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Here are some of our favorite Morkies

…they’re waiting to head to California right now…


Ms. Tansy The Morkie

Tansy is the littlest of the three sisters.  She may be small but her heart is mighty big.  …

More Info

Ms. Mazie The Morkie

Mazie is the quieter of the three sisters.  She is also one smart puppy.  She watches and waits …

More Info

Ms. Jazzy The Morkie

Jazzy is known around here for her puppy kisses.  She has this little whimper (chatter) and as soon …

More Info

Mr. Jonah The Morkie

Jonah is a sweet, affectionate and snuggly little guy.  He loves to play with his pals then sleep …

More Info

Mr. Dexter The Morkie

Dexter is one smart pup.  He loves to what what’s happening and the insert himself when he has …

More Info

Ms. Bethany The Morkie

Bethany is already showing signs of being a very loyal girl.  She is also a bit spunky. Her …

More Info

Mr. Tucker The Morkie

Tucker is a very outgoing fella!  He loves to explore, play with his friends and cuddle with you! …

More Info

Ms. Paige The Morkie

Paige is a busy, playful and silly pup!  When she isn’t entertaining us with her antics, she’s passing …

More Info

Here's what some of our happy puppy families have to say about us


Toto is so precious. Was very impressed with him and your service.

Monica shehl

Best Experience!

The staff were knowledgeable about their different puppies and so friendly too! Also very fast communication and willingness to be flexible. I would definitely recommend buying a puppy here! We already love our Shi-Chon “Mosa”! 🙂

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Tracie Tacia

Great experience!

We are in love with our newest additions! Bentley (formerly Peyton) and Bella (formerly Maddy) are keeping us busy and have filled our home with some much needed love!

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Shannon Hoste

Big happy family

I needed someone else to share all this love I have. So inviting Logan into our loving home has been a treat for us all. He has brought life back to our home again.
I have enjoyed working with Michigan Puppy has been a blessing doing blessings with them. They have made this adoption… Read more “Big happy family”

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Mattie L McDonald

Great Communication and easy to work with as well as friendly!

I feel they have integrity and enjoy providing healthy pets to good homes. I love the way they work with you for delivery options and would recommend them to others!

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Marcia Erhardt

Best Pal

We love Darby!

Kevin Miller, Ph.D.

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