Ms. Jazzy The Morkie


Born: August 5, 2020
Ready to go home: October 7, 2020

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I Found My Family!

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Jazzy is known around here for her puppy kisses.  She has this little whimper (chatter) and as soon as you pick her up the kisses commence. She also LOVES squeaky toys!

Jazzy’s parents are Sharon (6lbs) MC# 5860 and Phillip (6lbs) MC#9399

Jazzy can be registered with the ICA

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Puppy Parents

Mom (Sharon)

Sharon is the mom to the triplet girls Tansy, Mazie and Jazzy. She is a cheerful momma who takes her job seriously. MC#5860 and weighs 6lbs. ICA Registered

Dad (Phillip)

Philip is the proud papa to these triplet girls. He’s friendly and social. He also enjoys lots of running and playing outside! MC#9399 and weighs 6lbs ICA Registered
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