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So who are we?

We are Michigan Puppy and we love finding homes for the cute, fluffy, non-shedding puppies we raise! We raise them all right here in Michigan and find puppy parents for them all over Michigan and even the rest of the United States. We’re a family and we’ve been raising puppies since 2004 and we love it. By we, I mean myself, my wife, and our four children and the puppies. My wife and I love it because it’s something we can do together. Our kids love it because they get to play with super-cute puppies every single day and the puppies love it because, well, puppies love to be played with!

~The Yoder Family

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Why are Our Puppies So great?

We specialize in hypo-allergenic, non-shedding puppies that fit in very well with families. Some of our favorite breeds include Mal-Shis, Malti-Poos, Morkies, Schnoodles, Shi-Chons and Shi-Poos. Sometimes we also raise a litter of Yorkshire Terries, Bichon Frise, or Toy Poodles. They usually weigh in around 6-12 lbs. The breeds we raise are friendly, great with kids, and make outstanding companions for old and young alike. For smaller living spaces like you’ll find in some Michigan cities like Detroit, Lansing, Ann Arbor, Traverse City, and Grand Rapids, our small-breed puppies are the perfect fit and will be just the companion you are looking for!

How do I adopt one of your puppies?

Here at Michigan Puppy we make adopting your new puppy hassle free! Just follow these four easy steps.

Step 1

Find the perfect puppy!
Browse through the puppies on our website or contact us if you don't see what you're looking for.
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Step 2

Reserve your puppy right here.
We have an easy reservation process. You can pay the adoption fees with a credit card.
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Step 3

You can pick up your puppy or will jump in a car and bring it to you!
We can arrange a convenient meeting place or we can hand deliver your new puppy right to your home.
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Step 4

Bond with your new puppy.
We're here to help! If you have any health related questions or tips on getting your new puppy used to his new home just let us know!
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Here are some of our favorite puppies

…ready and waiting for their new forever home…


Ms. Josie The Malti-Poo

Josie is a bit shy when she explores something new.   Once she is comfortable she blooms into a …

More Info

Ms. Tasha The Malti-Poo

While she isn’t a fan of the camera Tasha is a very sweet girl.  She enjoys playing with …

More Info

Ms. Victoria The Malti-Poo

Ms. Victoria is soft natured and loves to cuddle.  She also like to hang out and play with …

More Info

Ms. Emily the Malti-Poo

Don’t let little Ms. Emily fool ya!  She may pretend to by shy but this girl is spunky!  …

More Info

Ms. Tansy The Morkie

Tansy is the littlest of the three sisters.  She may be small but her heart is mighty big.  …

More Info

Ms. Mazie The Morkie

Mazie is the quieter of the three sisters.  She is also one smart puppy.  She watches and waits …

More Info

Ms. Jazzy The Morkie

Jazzy is known around here for her puppy kisses.  She has this little whimper (chatter) and as soon …

More Info

Mr. Chase The Schnoodle

Chase is an extremely affectionate little guy.  He is well rounded due to his love of meal time.  …

More Info

A few things our happy puppy families have to say about us

Great experience

Michigan Puppy’s Website is excellent! The entire process in getting my 4 month old puppy took 24 hrs. They delivered her and we filled out the paperwork outside at a safe distance due to the current quarantine situation. I had her checked out at my curbside Vet- she passed with flying colors.

Morell D Boone

My new puppy Winston

I think we “got a good one.” I’m sure time will tell, but so far he’s been great. He seems quite intelligent, inquisitive and friendly. We are all very happy with our new family member.

Merle B Haines

We had a wonderful experience

We had a wonderful experience adopting the newest addition to our family. Everyone I interacted with was amazing and very patient with all my questions even after we brought home Connor. Thanks!


Great experience!

We are in love with our newest additions! Bentley (formerly Peyton) and Bella (formerly Maddy) are keeping us busy and have filled our home with some much needed love!

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Shannon Hoste

Great experience

Michigan Puppy is great to work with. Our Mal-shi is super cute and a great addition to our family.

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Theresa Bommarito

Happy with our puppy!

We are happy with our puppy.

Chip Farrar

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