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It was such a hard choice between Guava and another puppy. Guava walked into our home and just took charge of our two English Bulldogs. He just loves them. It is constant laughter at all his silly talents. He is an amazing ball player too! He is home and we are so excited to watch him grow and explore new things.

Patrick is a Morkie who we adopted and is the love of our lives. He will be one year old next month and is a complete joy. He likes walks, playing with our cat and even kayak rides. The breeders are amazing and extremely supportive throughout the process, even available for concerns or advice later. Extremely pleased and happy.

We highly recommend Michigan Puppy. We are so happy with this business and their staff. Buster is such a joy and a reflection of his well breeding and care. The photo is of his 1st night home.

Our baby boy “Sparky” Max is the best puppy ever. We would adopt again from Michigan Puppy. They were the best people to work with and Max is so lovable and social.

It's been four months now, since our schnoodle (named Winston) joind my household, and in fact my neighborhood, since all of my neighbors have adopted him as well. He has THE GREATEST personality of any pet I have ever adopted. He's calm, if you can believe that of an 11 month old, intelligent, and extremely loving. Just what my family wished for me. I, and everyone who has met Winston, tells me, I am soooo lucky to have found this particular friend. THANKS!

The whole experience was pleasant and enjoyable. Michigan Puppy did everything as promised. Summer was a delight to work with, and kept in touch during the whole process. Our puppy Maggie is the best puppy ever. We have had her 2 weeks today, and she is already housebroken, comes to her name and sits with told to. Of course treats help with the sitting, but still pretty good for only having her 2 weeks. Maggie sleeps through the night with no accidents. I would recommend Michigan Puppy to anyone that is looking for a new family member. Thank you again Summer, we appreciate you and everything you did for us. Joe and family.

We had a wonderful experience adopting the newest addition to our family. Everyone I interacted with was amazing and very patient with all my questions even after we brought home Connor. Thanks!

Michigan Puppy’s Website is excellent! The entire process in getting my 4 month old puppy took 24 hrs. They delivered her and we filled out the paperwork outside at a safe distance due to the current quarantine situation. I had her checked out at my curbside Vet- she passed with flying colors.

We adopted a little girl shichon about 2 weeks ago - Ms Eloise. Eloise is adjusting well and a joy to have.

I think we "got a good one." I'm sure time will tell, but so far he's been great. He seems quite intelligent, inquisitive and friendly. We are all very happy with our new family member.

We are happy with our puppy.

We love Darby!

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