Why is a puppy an "Adoption Special"?

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Here at Michigan Puppy we like to think of our pups, their new families and ourselves as one big family.

There are so many wonderful moments to be had when you bring home your puppy.  From their cute little movements and waddles to the development of their personalities there is no limit on cuteness. Then there is the training motivator!  When you are able to impress upon a puppy the do’s and do not’s of life from the start it provides some great benefits.  From bonding, to a speedier potty training and one of my favorites, adjusting to regular grooming sessions.

Our adoption fees reflect the higher expectations that we hold ourselves to in our efforts to provide the best possible care for our dogs and puppies.  Part of what is best for the puppies is getting them home to you as soon as they are ready.  So occasionally we have some that are ready but don’t have their new families yet.  So we will lower our adoption fee in an effort to find that family as soon as possible.

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