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Getting Started With Your New Puppy

Preparing For Your New Puppy

Here at Michigan Puppy, we want your puppy adoption experience to be an exceptional experience, from beginning to end. That's why we have created this playlist of instructional videos for people who are just starting with puppy training.
Part 1 - Getting Started With A New Puppy
Part 2 - Pickup Preparation
Part 3 - Picking Up Your Puppy
Part 4 - Staying In A Hotel With A Puppy
Part 5 - Driving Home With Your Puppy
Part 6 - Flying Home With A Puppy
Part 7 - Feeding Your Puppy
Part 8 - Picking Dog Food Brands
Part 9 - Feeding Tips
Part 10 - How To: Not Create A Picky Eater
Part 11 - Daytime Puppy Setup
Part 12 - Play Dates
Part 13 - How To: Crate Your Puppy
Part 14 - Puppy Potty Training
Part 15 - Puppy Sleep Training
Part 16 - How To: Train Your Puppy
Part 17 - Grooming Your Puppy
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