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Loving puppy with personality!

Dozer The Shichon (Teddy Bear) Review
Shichon (Teddy Bear)
Herman answered all of our questions and always got back to us right away. We took our puppy to our Vet for his puppy check up. She was impressed with how healthy and socialized he was! Michigan Puppy is a great place to find a little addition to your family.
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Gale Hawley

Couldn’t love her more!

Sarah (now Lilly) the Morkie Review
Sarah (now Lilly)
I have had Lilly for a week now, and she is wonderful! She didn’t do too well on the car ride home, but I think it was nerves and a long car ride, she has been fine in the car since then. She did great at her first vet appointment, her first bath, and her […]
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I Found My Family

Ms. Trish the Morkie

I Found My Family

Ms. Audrey the Morkie

I Found My Family

Mr. Austin the Morkie

I Found My Family

Mr. Calvin the Morkie

I Found My Family

Mr. Chad the Morkie

Adopt Your Dream Morkie Puppy Right Here in Beautiful MI
Morkie… that’s such a cool name for a dog breed! Sometimes these cute little puppies are also called “Morktese” or “Yorktese”. You get these delightful little pups by breeding a Maltese and a Yorkie. Morkie puppies usually come in at around 6-8 inches tall at the shoulder and generally weigh 4-8 pounds. They are happy little guys and love to play which makes them great family and companion dogs.

Because Morkie puppies are a designer breed (cross between two purebreds) they generally very healthy. Occasionally though,  poor breeding in Morkies can lead to eye, ear, and oral health issues. That’s why it’s very important to get you Morkie from a trusted, well-reviewed breeder like Michigan Puppy who has experience with Morkie puppies and a track record of healthy, vet-checked dogs.

Morkies are also quite loyal and make great companions for empty nesters! They are sweet, loving and love a good cuddle on a regular basis. They also love to play and will chase a ball around the house as much as you want. Fetch is no problem for these little guys!

Given their size, Morkies are a perfect fit for living in condos, apartments or homes with small yards. Morkies are well suited for life in the great state of Michigan. Whether you live in Detroit, Lansing, Grand Rapids, Flint, or anywhere else in Michigan, our Morkie puppies will do well and bring joy to your family.

We have happy, healthy, family raised Morkie puppies for sale, ready and waiting for you to adopt. Check them out! If you want to read more about Morkies check out our Morkie Info Page.

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