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8 Things You Need to Know Before Buying a Malti-Poo

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 Welcome to the website of Michigan Puppy. Michigan Puppy is a puppy breeding company serving the communities of Michigan. They specialize in customer satisfaction, communication, and getting your puppy to you within the time allotted. Michigan Puppy breeds at least 12 different types of puppies some of them include Malti-poos, Morkies, Shi-Chon, and Maltese, just to name a few. If you are interested in just Malti-poos click here.

 If you clicked on this post you probably clicked on it for one of two reasons. Number one, you want to get a Malt-poo but you haven’t pulled the trigger yet, or, number two, you have bought a Malti-poo and you just want to know some more information about them. Well, good news my friend I will try to answer each question you may have.

 Today I will also give you some puppy training tips so you don’t have to worry about him tearing up your furniture, and I will also tell you the secret ingredient in most dog foods that is extremely unhealthy for dogs. (Hint: It’s actually something that you wouldn’t expect and it starts with a C). These furry little animals can’t even digest it!

1. The History Of The Malti-poo.


 Some of you may be thinking “why do I need to know the history of the Malti-poo, and how does this effect weather I buy it or not”. And you’d be right but give me a break guys.

 The Malti-poo is a very popular dog breed among wealthy people because of its small size. The Malti-poo is a mixture of the poodle and the Maltese and their are three different types of poodles: standard miniature and toy, the Malti-poo utilizes the toy version of a poodle.

Since the Malti-poo includes doth the Maltese and the poodle I will talk about each breed separately.

The poodle breed has a lot of debate surrounding it, it is thought to have originated in Germany and are bred to be good waterfowl hunting dogs. The poodle became so popular in France that it became the national breed.

 The first mention of the Maltese dates back to 500 B.C. Even the Greeks and Romans have mentioned the Maltese dog breed.

2. Are They Good Family Dogs?

 I don’t really understand why people ask this question because any dog can be a good family dog as long they are around children, I mean shoot even a German Shepherd has the potential to be a great family dog as long as its around kids. Luckily for you every dog that Michigan Puppy breeds is handled by kids every single day, almost all day so you don’t have to worry about that.

3. How Long They Live?

 If you are looking for a dog that will last a long time the Malti-poo is the one for you. The Malti-poo usually lives 10 to 15 years! Malti-poos become an adult fast, at around one year old your Malti-poo will be considered an adult which is a good thing because your puppy will enter its chewing phase and leave it very quickly.

The best thing about this dog breed is that it will pretty much visually stay a puppy all of its life so you get to enjoy the cuteness of this puppy its entire life.

4. What are Malti-poos Best Known For?

 The thing that Malti-poos are most known for is the fact that they are just little balls of energy and they love playing games with active kids. Malti-poos are also know for being a chatter box and they love running through your yard and playing with children.


5. How Big They Get?

 A Malti-poo usually grows to 7-14 pounds and be 8-12 inches but it all depends on the size of the parents. You want to make sure you choose the right dog for your lifestyle. If you have an apartment I would recommend a Malti-poo because they are small, but if you live on a farm I would probably a German Shepherd or a Malti-poo because if you have a Malti-poo you have a better shot at catching it.

6. The Healthiest Type Of Dog Food.

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A little while ago I said I would tell the one ingredient that dogs can’t digest and that ingredient is corn. Kind of surprising isn’t it. Honestly it’s hard to say whether corn is bad because there is so much back and forth about it on the internet.

Some say that it’s not good because it lacks nutritional value and if it is mentioned pretty quickly in the list of ingredients then their may not be enough nutritional value in the dog food.

But the one thing that is 100% accurate is that corn is not able to be digested by animals and the only way it is is if they process it and when you process something, that’s not necessarily healthy for a dog.

7. Best Way to Keep Them From Chewing on Furniture.

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Some of you may not like this idea because it might be a little violent, but trust me I’ve tried it and it works. Ok, so we’ve all been in this situation you come from a long day’s work and you find your furniture, that you paid top dollar for, ripped to shreds. You immediately know the culprit, and let’s be honest your furious, but don’t despair my friend I have the solution.

Take some hot sauce, put it on the corner that nobody will see and now all you have to do is wait. The next time your dog tries to chew your couch he will be alerted by the smell of the hot sauce on the sofa and he will never chew on that again.

8. How to Get Malti-poos in Michigan.

 If you have read this post and want a Malti-poo all you have to do is click on this link and it will take you to a page where you can order you very own Malti-poo. Also, check out our Facebook page.

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