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Puppy Delivery Options

Puppy Delivery Options

You pick out the puppy and we'll make sure the puppy delivery is simple and easy! We'll bring your puppy right to you or fly it to an airport near you. Here are the options we offer to make sure your puppy arrives at your home safe and sound.

Option #1 - Pick Up Your Puppy

We are located near Hersey, Michigan so if you live in Michigan or one of the surrounding states this is a great option! There’s no additional cost to you and it’s nice and convenient for everyone including your puppy.

Just choose this option when you reserve your puppy and we’ll give you a call to arrange a time to meet. If you have any questions just give us a call.

Option #2 - We Hand-Deliver Your Puppy by Car

If you live in Michigan or a surrounding state and don’t want the hassle of coming to pick up your puppy, we would be happy to hand-deliver it right to your door! We can also meet you halfway between our kennel and your house so you don’t have to drive all the way. We’ll make sure your puppy has everything he needs to get started including some puppy food, leash, and toy.

The price for this is based on how far we’ll be driving. If you would like a quote before you reserve your puppy just give us a call.

Option #3 - We Fly With Your Puppy to an Airport Nearest You

If you don’t have time for a road trip to Michigan we have people that will fly with your puppy and meet you at the airport nearest you! Keep your puppy safe and sound from the time he leaves our kennel until you have him in your arms.
The fee for option #3 includes:
Pet Nanny Fee.
Pre-Flight Vet Check to Ensure Your Pup is Ready to Fly.
Airline Approved Pet Carrier.
Airport Puppy Delivery Fee.

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