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What Is A Puppy Mill?

Our definition of a puppy mill is any breeder that raises puppies in substandard conditions and places profits over the welfare of the puppies. Here’s what you’ll often see at a puppy mill:
  • Filthy, smelly kennels
  • Puppies that never get out of their cages
  • Lots of puppies confined to small areas
  • No socialization or exercise
  • Disease and/or skin conditions
Puppy mills are cruel and go against how we believe God’s creatures should be treated.


Legitimate dog breeders are licensed with the State, and usually the county where they reside. Licensed breeders are inspected regularly and have to meet strict standards. Ask to see the breeders' licenses and make sure the license is current.
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Most websites you'll see are selling puppies for other breeders. Although some of them try to regulate their breeders they really have no way of knowing the conditions of the kennels or how the puppies are being treated.

That's where we are different. We raise all our own puppies as a family which means we treat them like our own (because they are). If you want to see more about how we do things at Michigan Puppy and see pictures of our kennel you can see more on our About Us page.

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