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Dog Language, Different Ways Your Puppy Says “I Love You”

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Understanding dog language can be super helpful to help your puppy thrive. Dogs are known for being a loyal faithful friend, and loving companion.  Dogs will communicate their moods and emotions in a variety of ways.  Sometimes in an obvious way, sometimes not.  You should also show your puppy love back.  Puppies thrives on social interactions, they remain individuals with a wide range of personalities.

Puppy Love

No two puppies are alike.  Each puppy will show you that they love you in a different way.  If you have more than 1 puppy, they may show you in different ways that they love you.

The History

Dog Language Interpreted

Wagging their tails – Puppies show love by wagging their tails.  You can tell how much your puppy has missed you by wagging their tail as fast and hard as they can.  It is also telling you that it is okay for you to come closer.

Licking – Licking is another sign of puppy love.  When a puppy aims for your eyes or mouth, they are telling you that they are in tune with you.

Jumping – Jumping or leaping are messages of love.  Jumping is an action with an aim to lick at your face.  A proper doggy greeting, you should get down to their level so that they don’t get hurt while jumping.  Or teach them to sit.

Puppy Jumping

Rolling Over – puppies love to roll over and have you rub their bellies.  This position puts the puppy in a vulnerable position, and it declares trust and affection.  Also your puppy is showing through body language that they offer no threat and want to be friends with you.

puppy napping

Naps – Crawling into your lap.  As they are craving contact with you.  It is a sign of deep affection and trust.  Puppy snuggles are the best.

Toys – when your puppy brings you his favorite toy to play with; they are bringing you gifts and eagerly wants you to join in by playing games with them.

Smiles – are a sure sign of puppy love.  Some dogs learn to “Grin” by lifting their lips to illustrate a toothy smile; to show you their happiness and affection.

Puppy Smile

Eye Contact – holding eye contact with you, their big eyes can tell you so much.  When they look into your eyes, they have a deep bond with you.

Scent – dogs are attached to your scent.  Sometimes they will carry around a dirty sock or shoe, because it smells like you.  Your scent will calm a puppy down.

Lost – when you puppy thinks that you have left them, and they start looking for you; and they finally find you they just want to be close to you; as they love having you around.

A puppy may not be able to say “I Love You” in words, but they can sure tell you in their actions.  A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.  Understanding dog language is the key to opening up communication with your puppy. So as you bring your puppy home, love on your puppy and show him that you care and need him; like he needs you.

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