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Shih-Poo puppies are excellent cuddly companions and are sometimes called “Shoodles”. They are a cross between the Shitzu and Toy Poodle breeds and inherit the best traits of both breeds. They are small, usually 5-16 lbs, and usually have fairly curly, fluffy coats but can have straighter coats depending on the parents. They are considered hypoallergenic and will shed very little if any at all making them great for smaller homes and apartments. They are intelligent, friendly, active, and fun to play or snuggle with. They are usually good with kids but because these dogs are very small it is easy for kids to accidentally injure them if they are not used to smaller dogs. They do need regular haircuts and shampoos to keep their coats clean and shiny. For smaller living spaces like you’ll find in some Michigan cities like Detroit, Lansing, Ann Arbor, and Grand Rapids, Shih-Poos can be the companion!

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