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I Reserved My Puppy! Now What?

Congratulations on reserving your new puppy! Here is what you can expect between now and the homecoming day for your new pup.

Update Videos

We will be sending you a video weekly as your puppy continues to grow and develop.

Sign our puppy contract

We'll have you sign our puppy contract either before or when you pick up or receive your puppy. This contract outlines our health guarantees and includes shot and health records and other important information. You can check out a sample contract by clicking here.

Schedule Puppy Pickup or Delivery

We'll reach out to you to schedule your puppy pickup or delivery. Keep in mind, your puppy must be 8-10 weeks old (depending on the breed) to be able to go home with you. If you are interested in having your puppy delivered, contact us at (989) 424-1449 and we'll arrange to either have your puppy delivered to your door or meet you partway. Visits to our location are by appointment only so please contact us before planning to come.

Enjoy Your New Puppy!

You'll want to spend lots of time with your new pup. House training and obedience training will take time so be patient.

We'll send along a puppy goody bag with the following items to get you started and make your experience as smooth as possible.

  • A bag of kibble your puppy is currently eating
  • A can of puppy mousse (soft puppy food)
  • A harness with a matching leash
  • A favorite toy

Here is a link to the puppy food that your new puppy is currently eating. Order PawTree Food Here. If you buy food through this link you'll receive a discount on your first order.

If you have any other questions please call me personally at (989) 424-1449 or email me here.

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