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Great Adoption

Kallie (Ms. Macey) the Shichon (Teddy Bear) Review
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Great Adoption

Kallie (Ms. Macey)
Shichon (Teddy Bear)

From first contact Michigan Puppy communicated well, was helpful, and friendly.

During our virtual visit we had all of our questions answered and were able to see both dogs we were interested in. In order to make our final decision we scheduled an in person visit.

During our in person we were able to play with both dogs, which made a difficult choice possible. Michigan Puppy was very thorough and efficient in executing and explaining the adoption papers and other materials.

The next day we took the puppy to our vet who confirmed the pup was in good health, had been well cared for, and all the shots were up to date.

Overall it was a perfect experience and would highly recommend them.

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