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My sweet blessing

Mr. Silas the morkie Review
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My sweet blessing

Mr. Silas the morkie

Mr. Silas became my Shadow after arriving home so now it’s me and my Shadow. The first evening home I couldn’t decide to just keep Silas as his name or if there was another name that would fit him. He followed me everywhere in the house and then when I took him outside after dark and he saw my shadow being cast from the backyard light he started barking at it. I knew right there that was a sign for his name to be Shadow. Shadow turned 1 year old on June 13th and is the sweetest little boy! After seeing a vidieo on the website for him, I booked a visit and was on the road traveling 3 hours to go meet him the following day. Herman was outside when we arrived and we had a warm welcoming from him. As soon as I walked in and saw Shadow, I fell in love with him and knew that he was mine. Summer and her son were very welcoming upon arriving and wonderful during the visit. Summer was very thorough with any questions and information about Shadow. When we left, I felt like I had known them for years. Can’t say enough of how good it was adopting from Michigan Puppy. Here are some pictures of Shadow’s first year with us and his adventures!

Joyce Kozlowski
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