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We met the love our life

Beamer the Morkie Review
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We met the love our life


We chose to keep Mr.Beamer, the morkie’s, original name because it felt right. Boy, were we right. He beams everywhere. He is the sweetest little thing we’ve ever seen. He has captivated us from the moment we saw a few pictures of him as a puppy. I can’t say enough about Michigan Puppy. Our vet commented how well documented Beamers history was when we first had our appointment. The only thing I’ll comment on is how much he’s changed. He still had that mischievous glint in his eye but completely different looking dog. I was afraid to love again after losing my family’s YorkiePoo but Beamer has made me whole. My husband and I can’t imagine a life without him. We are also so grateful for Chrissy & Carl, that we put their picture up next to his adoptive parents in his puppy apartment.

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