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Getting Ready For Your New Puppy

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Hello! This is an article for children (and big people, too.) It uses easy words. It uses words like this so that you can know how to get ready for a puppy. Even if you are 5. Or even 55. 

If you have never had a puppy, you might not know what to do. That is OK. After you read this, you will know what you need. Then you will not have to worry. You can just be excited about getting a new puppy.

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Tips for caring for your new puppy!

Getting a puppy is exciting and fun! Puppies are cute and fluffy. They make people smile. Even grumpy people. If you are so grumpy that a puppy does not make you smile, I do not know what to say.

That is what puppies do. It is their job. They make people happy.

But if you have a puppy, you have a job, too. It is your job to take care of the puppy. It is your job to make the puppy happy.

But don’t worry. The job is not a hard job. You just have to know what to do. So I will tell you.

To take care of a puppy, there are some things you will need. I will tell you what those things are. Then I will tell you why you need them.

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1. A Puppy Crate

Before you even get the puppy, this is a thing you will need. A puppy crate is a little cage to put the puppy in. You put the puppy in the cage to take him places. You will put the puppy in it to bring it home. It will keep the puppy safe. It will make the puppy feel cozy. You might even let the puppy sleep in the crate when he gets home.

Make sure the crate is the right size for the puppy.

If it is too small, the puppy will not have room to stretch or sit up. He will be cramped. That will make the puppy sad. So make sure that the puppy crate has room. Make sure it has enough room that the puppy can stretch out. Make sure there is room for a few toys, so the puppy is not bored. But the crate should not be too big.

If the crate is too big, the puppy might not feel safe. Puppies need to have a snug little place to call home. There is another reason that the puppy crate should not be too big. If it is too big, the puppy might have an “accident” in the crate. Then you or your mom or dad will have to clean up the mess.

Make sure there is bedding in the puppy crate. You can use some old towels or wash-clothes, or maybe even some old T-shirts or blankets. This will give your puppy a warm place to snuggle down.

You should put some toys in the crate, too! Then the puppy will have some fun things to play with. That will make the little puppy happy.

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2. Wire Playpen

You will not want to keep the puppy in his crate all the time. Sometimes, he will want to be out and play. But you might not want him to run all over the house.

If you get a wire playpen, the puppy will be able to be out of his crate and move around. But the little pen will keep him safe. And it will keep the puppy from getting into trouble.

Puppies love to chew things.

And sometimes they chew on things that are bad to chew on.

Some puppies like to chew on electrical cords. Some puppies like to chew on people’s shoes. Some puppies like to chew on furniture. If your puppy chews on these things, it might hurt the puppy. And it will not make Mommy and Daddy happy.

But if the puppy is in his little pen, then he can stay safe. He can play in the little pen, and not chew on bad things.

This is why you should have a little wire playpen.

3. Wee Wee Pads

I bet you can guess what these pads are for.

But I will tell you anyway.

Puppies do not know where to go to the bathroom. They will do it on the floor, or on the couch, or wherever they are. Then there is a mess to clean up.

That doesn’t make anyone happy.

Wee Wee pads are a safe place for puppies to go potty. They will not make a mess there.

If you live in an apartment or somewhere that makes it hard to take the puppy outside to go potty, these pads will be the puppy’s toilet.

They will keep you from having to clean up yucky messes on the carpet or on your bed.

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4. Chew Toys

Puppies love to chew things. They chew and chew and chew. If you do not give them good things to chew, they will find their own things to chew.

They will chew on almost anything they can get their teeth into. Maybe they will chew on your toys and games. Or maybe on Mommy’s shoes. Or even Daddy’s armchair.

If you give your puppy chew toys to play with, he will probably not chew on other things.

Different puppies like to chew on different things.

Some like to chew bones. Others like squeaky toys. Or maybe tennis balls.

What does your puppy like? You will have to find out.

Maybe you can buy a pack of three or four different toys. Then you can find out which one your puppy likes the best.

When the toys wear out, make sure the puppy has new ones to play with. Old broken toys are not fun. And pieces might break off and hurt the puppy.

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5. Leash and Collar

Do you want to take your puppy out for a walk? Of course you do!

Taking a puppy for a walk is fun for everyone. It is fun for Mommy and Daddy. It is fun for you. And it is fun for the puppy, too!

Puppies are curious little buddies. They love to see new places. They love to smell new smells. They love to hear all the sounds outside. And they love to meet new people.

To take your puppy on a walk, you will need to get a collar and leash.

The collar goes around the puppy’s neck. You hold the leash in your hand.

That way, the puppy cannot run away, or get lost or hurt.

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6. Bitter Apple Spray

Do you remember what we said about how puppies like to chew things?

There are some things that are hard to keep out of a puppy’s reach.

Your Daddy’s favorite chair is one of those things.

You cannot put the chair on a table or shelf. It is too big. And Daddy could not sit on it up on the shelf.

So what should you do? The puppy might chew the chair legs. That would ruin the chair.

I will tell you what to do.

You can get some bitter apple spray. You should put it on the chair, and on other things that the puppy should not chew.

The puppy will not chew those things. Do you know why?

The apple spray tastes bad. The puppy will not want to put it in his mouth. He will not chew anything that has the spray on it.

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7. Puppy Food and Bowls

When your puppy comes home, he might be hungry. He will probably be thirsty.

You should have a bowl of food ready for him. You should have some fresh clear water there, too.Do you eat three times a day?

Puppies need to eat about three times a day, too.

You should get a stainless steel bowl for the puppy’s food. And another one for the puppy’s water. Stainless steel is easy to clean. And it keeps germs away better than plastic or glass.

Make sure that you get special puppy food for the puppy. This kind of food will keep the puppy healthy and strong.

8. Enzyme Cleaner

Enzyme is a funny word.

But it helps us fix a problem that is not funny.

No matter how careful you are, your puppy will have an accident sometime. Someone will have to clean it up.

That job is not a fun job at all.

Enzyme cleaners are a special kind of soap to get rid of bad smells.

But they do something else, too.

There are smells that only puppies can smell. When the puppy goes to the bathroom, those smells stay there, even after you have cleaned up the mess.

If the puppy smells those smells, he will want to go to the bathroom in the same place again. Even if it is the wrong place.

So the enzyme cleaner gets rid of all the smells. Even the ones that only the puppy can smell.

If you use that, the puppy will not keep using the same spot as a toilet.

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Now you know what you need to have to take care of a puppy.

There might be some more things. But this will get you started. If you would like to know more, here’s another blog addressing common puppy problems.

The most important thing of all is to love your puppy and take good care of her, so that she can do her important job of making people happy.

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